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The harris - lake park wellness center

A big THANK YOU to those of you that purchase your wellness memberships annually.  Your memberships keep our wellness center going.  We truly appreciate it!

If you haven’t seen the wellness center in a while, stop in for a tour.

Go Wolves!


Annual Rates

SINGLE: $120

FAMILY: $240


Waiver Form for wellness center

Wellness Center

Come see our 2,400 square foot wellness center with an additional exercise room used especially for a new technology called Fitness On Demand. 

This allows us to take advantage of fitness classes at the touch of a button! You can try yoga, pilates, cardio, kick boxing, Latin dance, core…any workout you can imagine!


The Harris-Lake Park Wellness Center offers a great selection of cardio equipment including treadmills and elliptical machines each with their own individual TV Unit. 

We also offer a variety of free weights and benches along with cable and assistive machines to work your upper and lower body.  Mirrors have been added to the facility to help with your technique.

Wellness Center Rules

*Please wear street shoes and carry your work out shoes in separately. This will help keep our wellness center clean.

*Please re-rack your weights when finished.

*Video surveillance cameras are in use at all times.

*Your wellness membership will be deactivated if you allow non-members to use the wellness center.

*Your key card allows use of the Wellness center only. Not the gym or other parts of the school.

*During the school day there may be periodic use of the Wellness Center by PE students and athletes.

*Please wipe down equipment when finished.

*As a safety concern, please don’t allow children to climb on the machines.

*Thank you for your support of the Wellness Center. Enjoy your workouts!