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Harris - Lake Park Elementary School

Striving for Excellence

The Harris - Lake Park Elementary School is a Preschool through Fifth Grade building.  The staff is dedicated to ensuring that all our students learn to their greatest potential and that the needs of our individual students are met.

H-LP Elementary Vision: To empower all students to make choices and face the challenges of the 21st century.


H-LP Elementary Goals: 

  • Instruction is guided by a preplanned curriculum based on the Iowa Core Curriculum
  • The curriculum is based on clear goals and objectives
  • High expectations for student achievement and student behavior
  • Class time is used for learning
  • Teachers continually strive to improve instruction 
Elementary School
105 Avenue A
Lake Park, IA 51347
    Fax: 712-832-3640

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Elementary: 105 Avenue A Lake Park, Iowa 51347 (712)832-3437 Fax: 712-832-3640
MS/HS: 905 South Market Street Lake Park, Iowa 51347 (712)832-3809 Fax: 712-832-3812

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