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Showing leadership

This year’s high school student council consists of Ashley Erne, Sadie Breitbach, and James Harmon, who are all seniors. Ashley is the student council president, and Sadie is the vice president. The juniors are Avery Heikens, Blake Gunderson, Skylar Forbes, and Keegan Carpenter. The sophomores are Bryce Schott, Cheyanne Nelson, and Katelyn Loring. Finally, the freshmen are Marianne Nebelsick, Abdulla Elbuytari, and Edgar Tapia.

Student Council

The student council does many important things throughout the year. Not only do they discuss various issues, but they also do most of the planning for homecoming. Student council is in charge of coming up with the activities for homecoming along with decorating for coronation.

The student council also helps put on Project 60 every year. Project 60 is when community members 60 years or older can come to the school and eat dinner. After that, they can stay and watch a performance of the middle school and high school winter concerts. They’ve been doing this for over 40 years.

Project 60

The advisor for student council is Mrs. Kathy Winters. Mrs. Winters said, “My favorite part of advising student council is seeing students work together to benefit others and the school. Whether it be through new ideas, new activities, or just generally working together.”

Last year the student council organized a winter formal for the first time. They’re going to be discussing that again soon. They’re also working hard on planning winter games, which is something that happens every year that adds a little fun with the middle school and high school. They’ll also be working hard the rest of the school year to discuss issues and new topics!

by Ashley Erne

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