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Welcome to America, Line!


Line van Prooije is one of two foreign exchange students we have this year. She is from Denmark. She is currently in the junior class. Line’s classes consist of biology, U.S. history, English 11, Algebra 2, choir, and psychology. Her favorite class so far is psychology.

This year, so far, she has participated in cheerleading and dance team; next semester she is planning on participating in basketball and possibly soccer. She came to Lake Park a little before Farmer’s Appreciation Day and has been staying with Jen and Josh Paskert along with their two kids: Braeton, a junior, and Ashlyn, a sixth grader.

When asked about some of the things she missed, her response was, surprisingly, that she did not have to study as much because our schooling is a little easier than it is in Denmark. Since she has been in Iowa, one of the things she has enjoyed the most is the fact that “Iowa has the sweetest people! Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. I’m very lucky to have been placed here in Lake Park.”

We wish her the best of luck and are extremely happy for her to be here with us. Although it may be tough to be away from a family for an entire school year, she still has a new one to help her get through everything. Welcome to America, Line!

By Sadie Breitbach

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