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Heading in a new direction

This year there are two new guidance counselors at Harris- Lake Park. They are Ann Stein, who is at the elementary, and Steph Jacobsma, who is at the middle/high school.

Elementary guidance Color 

Mrs. Stein graduated from Wilton High School in 1993. She then attended the University of Northern Iowa and received her BA in political science and a teaching certificate in 1996. She received her masters in K-12 guidance counseling from Buena Vista University in 2002.

Previously, she has worked at H-LP as a guidance counselor, but then she took time off to spend with her kids. Now, she spends Mondays and Thursdays at the elementary. She teaches guidance classes to each class once a week, and she meets with students if necessary. She decided to become a guidance counselor because she enjoys working with kids and the atmosphere at school. Mrs. Stein said, “There is something new every day, which makes it both challenging and fun, and I am enjoying getting to know everyone.”

Mrs. Jacobsma graduated from high school in Adrian, Minnesota, in 1993. She attended college in Worthington, at what is now Minnesota West. She earned her B.S. degree in social work at Minnesota State University in Mankato and Master’s in Education and Professional School Counseling degrees at Buena Vista University.   MS HS Guidance Color

In the past, she worked in human services for six years, she did social work in healthcare settings for ten years, and she worked in daycare for four years. She became the guidance counselor because she was previously a secretary at the elementary school, and she realized the job fit with what she wanted, and she enjoyed the school setting. Her job duties are to help students with academic achievement, social development, and career development. However, she says the hardest part of her job is getting everything that she wants accomplished in a day. 

Mrs. Jacobsma said, “My favorite part is getting to know all of the staff and the students and helping them move into the next chapter in their lives.” 

Along with her new busy job, Mrs. Jacobma has three sons and is very busy with year round outdoor activities.

by Ashley Erne

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