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Holly Hoffman Motivates with Wisdom


“Faith makes things possible…. not easy,” Holly Hoffman said in her motivational speech on August 19 during teacher inservice at H-LP. Holly Hoffman was on season 21 of Survivor in 2010. Now years later she has written a book and has become a motivational speaker.

Holly was the last woman standing and came in fourth overall on the show. She would have made it to the final three, but she and two friends she was joining forces with had not won the immunity idol at the last challenge. She was voted off that night and then had to vote for the winner.

Her speech is not just about what happened on the show. It is about the things she learned while on the show. In her speech she stresses taking chances in life and she also tells people to live by these six words: faith, attitude, determination, confidence, desire, and perseverance. These six words are what she lived by during and after the show.

She was chosen to be one of the 20 cast members out of 100,000. She first submitted a short video stating why she wanted to be on the show. Then she had to fill out the application which was extremely long. When she applied, she decided to get fit and gain weight in case she made it on the show.

After applying to be on the show, she did not think she would even get a call back. However, after a few more calls, she went to Los Angeles for an intreview. Soon after, she got the call saying she would be on the show. She couldn’t tell anyone she was on the show and couldn’t spoil anything after her home town knew she had filmed the show. She would go out in public and people would ask to tell who won! If she spoiled the ending, she would be fined!

The day she had to leave to fly to Nicaragua was hard. Her town asked her family constantly where she was at for about two straight months. Her husband told them she was on a mission trip. After she returned, it became extremely hard to keep everything a secret especially after she became very sick and was in the hospital. Finally they released the names of the cast members. Then she had to deal with all the questions and people begging for answers.

One night she heard her torch was being sold on Ebay and all funds went to a cancer research charity. That night her husband and she stayed up and ended up paying $1,500 for her torch. She is one of the few to actually get her torch back.

She did some things while on the show she is not proud of and even to this day she has things she regrets. For example, she regrets filling a competitor’s expensive shoes with sand and throwing them in the water. She now tries to live her life like the camera is always rolling because for thirty-nine days she had cameras on her all hours of the day and night. She talks about how she almost quit on day five, but a coach from the NFL talked her out of it and that same day she went and apologized for throwing away the shoes.

Through everything that came upon her during the games she used her six words to get through it. She uses her speech to motivate others to use those words to accomplish their dreams. Never give up is something she always says. She felt like quitting a few times but she overcame those and even though she didn’t win, she is still proud of what she accomplished. She never thought on day five she would stay on the show until day thirty-nine.

“Quitting is the easiest thing you will ever do,” Holly Hoffman told the teachers at H-LP. Never give up on your dreams and you will accomplish them. The teachers greatly appreciate her coming and speaking and motivating them for their new school year.

By: Emma Watje 


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