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Thank you, Mr. Peters

Harris-Lake Park has had the pleasure of having Mr. Peters for 20 years. He spent ten years as our middle school/high school principal and athletic director. He spent seven years as the superintendent and the middle school/high school principal, and the last three years Mr. Peters has been the superintendent.

Peters color

Mr. Peters earned his BA degree in education from Northwestern College, and then he got his MA degree in school administration from Wayne State College. He also got his Superintendent’s Endorsement from University of Northern Iowa.

In the past, Mr. Peters taught social studies in Winnebago and Table Rock, Nebraska, from 1980 to 1989. He was the middle school/high school principal at Northeast Hamilton CSD from 1989 to 1994. Then he was the high school principal at Falls City, Nebraska, from 1994 to 1997. After that job, he came to Harris-Lake Park.

Mr. Peters’ last day will be June 30, 2017. Mr. Peters has a few things that he wants to accomplish before he leaves. He wants to finish the budget, finish the new collective bargaining language, and make sure everything is ordered and in place for our new superintendent.

Mr. Peters has many memories from Harris-Lake Park. He said, “It has been a great experience being part of the school and our communities. Students, parents, staff, and the school board have been very supportive. Over twenty years you have many memories; mine will always be getting to know the students and watching the students grow.”

He will miss working with and visiting with the staff and students and making H-LP the best that we can be. His biggest accomplishments were focusing on student achievement, effective teaching strategies, and building positive relationships with others.

Mr. Peters said, “Andy Irwin is the new superintendent. He is from Shenandoah, Iowa. I think the board selected an excellent candidate. Andy has shown that he is very knowledgeable about school topics. He has been a very successful teacher, coach, athletic director, and principal. Andy is very personable, and he and his family will be a welcomed addition to our communities.”

Mr. Peters’ family includes his wife, Sherree, a counselor at Spirit Lake CSD; Branden, who owns Ag Electric in Hawley, Minnesota; Katie, a care center director in Savannah, Missouri; Stacie, a nurse in La Jolla, California; Shelby in nursing school and 1st Lt. Iowa Army Reserve in Estherville, Iowa; Jena, medical lab at Mercy Hospital in Sioux City, Iowa; and Deni, 1st Lt. active duty, Ft. Stewart, Georgia.

Thank you, Mr. Peters, for all that you have done for our school!

By Tessa Ihnen

A Night in Paris

A Night in Paris was the theme for Harris-Lake Park's 2017 Prom. On Saturday, April 29 at 5:45, vehicles started lining up for the Car Parade. Assisted by the Lake Park Fire Department, the couples made their way through the Car Parade to the Red Carpet Entrance. After that, there was an official Grand March in the gym.

Dinner was then served at the Community Center. The meal was made by the junior class parents. At around 8:45 everyone headed over to the MS/HS commons for the dance. At 11:30, everyone had time to change and gather all their stuff for later.

At midnight, everyone gathered around the hypnotist as she took volunteers. As she continued, hypnosis only really worked on certain people. When she made them wake up, Brittney almost got attacked by an alligator, MaKayla thought a belt was a snake, and Greg won the dance-off to be a background dancer for Luke Bryan. Before loading the bus, everyone got to go up and pick two prizes. Considering the trip, the prizes were like shirts, gift cards, and certificates to many different places.

 At 2 a.m., everyone that was going loaded the bus for Kalahari. Soon we arrived at the Wisconsin Dells and ate breakfast at Denny’s. After eating, everyone loaded the bus and headed to Kalahari. Once we arrived, everyone got their wristbands for the pool and theme park. After swimming from 9 to 12, most went to shower before eating pizza. After eating, a lot of the people made their way to the theme park. The theme park had mini golf, go carts, a ferris wheel, laser tag, and much more. Prom color

 At 3:30 everyone gathered up and loaded the bus for home. We arrived in Lake Park  around 8:30 Sunday night. Tessa Ihnen’s favorite part about prom was the hypnotist. She said it is so funny and amazes her every time. Skylar Forbes said her favorite part was after prom because you get to hang out with all your friends and Kalahari was really fun. Bryce Schott said his favorite was after prom and hypnotist because it was fun and being hypnotized was a different experience. Isaac Ihnen said his favorite part was the hypnotist because it was funny to watch all the people.

Overall prom was very fun and a lot of memories were made!

By Mady Brevik

JH Basketball Ends

Another season of basketball has come to an end for the boys in junior high.

The participants this year are the following: seventh graders Tate Gilmore, Jayden Hodgell, Austin Gilmore, Jorden Bennett, Colton Voss, Matthew Stone, Gavin Elser, Tyler Jurva, Braydan Perkins, and Drake Lambert and eighth graders Rylan Ehret, Brody Sohn, Caleb Nicks, Alex Heikens, Lucas Gunderson, Eric Tapia, Brayden Newton, Jaxson Heikens, Dylan Meyer, Mason Olson, Brody Boles, Cole Ihnen, and Caleb Cook. The 7th grade finished at 3-6 and the 8th grade finished at 8-1.

 7th Boys BB
 8th Grade BB

In the 11/8 games against GTRA, the 7th grade lost 18-34, and 8th grade won 60-13. In the 11/11 games against CC-E, the 7th grade won 28-22, and 8th grade won 60-8. In the 11/21 game against CC-E, 7th grade won 41-26, and 8th grade won 65-6. On 11/22 against North Union, 7th grade lost 32-33, and 8th grade won 57-20. On 11/29 at S-O, 7th grade lost 36-49, and 8th grade won 47-42. In the 12/1 game at GTRA, 7th grade lost 25-31, and 8th grade won 45-9. In the 12/13 games against K-P, 7th grade lost 15-36, and 8th grade won 47-19. In the 12/15 games against HLO, 7th grade won 38-35, and 8th grade lost a close one 43-45. On the 12/19 game against Okoboji, 7th grade lost 31-46, and 8th grade won 54-53.

Mr. Gunderson said his favorite parts of the year were watching how much the 7th grade improved and how they became more physical as the year went on, and for the 8th grade, the amount of effort they gave and how hard they played as a team.  Great job this season and good luck on your upcoming season next year.

By Dillon Hamaan

Foreign Exchange Students: Halfway Through the Year

Line 1

SoSo 1

Line and SoSo are halfway through their first semester in America and they’ve really enjoyed their time here! This semester SoSo will be participating in track and Line will be participating in dance team, cheerleading, and soccer.

One thing both of the girls enjoyed first semester was the football games. They were very happy to have experienced a state football game. “I loved how the entire community came together every Friday to support our team,” Line said.

Both Line and SoSo have learned a lot about Americans. Line says that Americans are really helpful and willing to make her feel like a part of the community, and SoSo says that Americans are really good in teamwork and very family oriented.

They also got to experience American holidays. Line said that Denmark has pretty much all of the same holidays except Thanksgiving. She really enjoyed experiencing that with her American family. SoSo said that in Switzerland they have way more holiday breaks than we do. They have one week in October, two weeks for Christmas, one week in February, and a little bit more than a week in April

Both girls are really looking forward to their second semester here at Harris-Lake Park. Line is most looking forward to soccer. SoSo is looking forward to track. She’s also really excited to go to California in March to meet other exchange students. She’s also looking forward to going to prom.

With second semester beginning, it also means that their time in America is almost over. Line doesn’t have an exact date for when she goes home, but she thinks it will be at the end of May. SoSo leaves a few days after school is over with her parents.

It’s been a very exciting first semester for our foreign exchange students and hopefully second semester will be the same!

by Katelyn Loring


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