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Notice of Records Destruction

Notice of Records Destruction

We wish to inform parents and/or students of the Harris-Lake Park Class of 2013, that we have cumulative record folders for students that are no longer needed for educational planning. We intend to destroy these records within 90 calendar days, August 31, 2018 unless we receive further requests or instructions from parents/guardians or students regarding their disposition.

Your child’s educational cumulative record folder may be picked up at the Harris-Lake Park HS Office, 905 South Market Street, Lake Park during regular office hours. Please contact the HS Office @ 712-832-3809 if you would like to designate another party to obtain these records.  Due to postage costs records will not be mailed.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process please contact: Mrs. Stephanie Jacobsma, Guidance Counselor, at 712-832-3809.

Thank You, Steve Eggers

By Mady Brevik

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Steve Eggers has been taking care of the Harris-Lake Park schools and other properties for 40 years. His last day here at H-LP will be June 30th.

Mr. Eggers is the head custodian of the buildings and grounds and the transportation supervisor. In his 40 years at H-LP, his duties were maintenance, repair, upkeep the grounds and sports fields, boilers, custodial, bus driver, and bus and other vehicle maintenance. Steve’s one goal before his last day is to help the existing employees and new personnel transition into their roles so the cleanliness and safety of the buildings and vehicles can be maintained.

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Catching Up on Wolves Football

By: Avery Heikens

The football boys have put in lots of tough fights in the past couple of weeks. Senior, Bryce Perkins, said, “We have to finish on a strong note; we only have two games left and want to end it right.”

On September 8th, the boys versed the Remsen St. Mary's Hawks. The boys put up a good fight to the Hawks, but did not end up on top. The boys lost 32-58 that night. Freshmen, Lucas Gunderson and Dylan...

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What’s going on up north?

What have the music and band departments on the north side of the building been busy with? The fall play and pep band are two items.

This year’s fall play directed by Kathy Greve and Kim Ingwersen is called “Last Day of School.”  This play has a different twist to it as each scene shows a different period of the day with a different pair of students. One student has challenged them all to make the most of their last day of high school, which is the main theme behind it. Because each scene is its own segment, practice is taking place in pairs right now more than all together.

Eighteen students are involved in this play, which will be performed on November 3 and 4.

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Welcoming another new staff member

By Blake Gunderson

With all the new changes this year, the students of Harris- Lake Park gained a new study hall teacher and library aide. Lisa Arrowood grew up in Spencer, Iowa, but she now lives in Okoboji, Iowa. Ms. Arrowood has four kids; two have graduated and two are currently in school at Okoboji Community Schools.

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